I woke up in a dark white room.
Blank faces stared back at me with expectation.
I tried to bend and blend.
I brushed off the instinct that said I didn’t belong.
I attempted to prove myself.
They smiled back.
Their smiles were empty.
I could make no sense of it.
What will it take?
How much money do I have to make for them to see me as equal?
I woke up in a dark white room.
The doorman said it was invite only.
And only one person who looked like me was allowed.
I walked in.
Guilty about who I left behind.
I swore to myself that I would speak for them.
For my people.
An impossible mission.
I woke up in a dark white room.
And just ended up angry.
Fitting the bill they charged me with.
I’m looking for my escape now.
The nearest exit please.
I gotta make a room built for me.
And us.
This dark white room shines light on the reality of what will always be.
No amount of good intention can erase this system.
This prison.
I’m busting out of this dark white room.
I’m gone mentally.
Physically, Pending.

Kiarra Charles is an East St. Louis, IL native, mental health therapist, and business owner who aims to normalize pain and struggle while also inspiring readers to overcome. Kiarra’s perspective is this: “Your truth is true; nothing else matters.” She is the author of Loud Whispers: A Book of Poems and Pictures that is available for purchase on Amazon.

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