Code switching between work colleagues.

Tone down my skin and voice

Can’t be a threat but the best hype girl.

The supporting character but

I am really the main star.

Look at how they stare at me when I sway my hips.

When I change my hair quickly,

I get so many looks.

I get so many questions.

I get so tired of answering them.

I bet you think I have a button on the back of my neck.

I am a complex woman and could engage in any topic, but you choose to

Talk about my hair as If that’s all I am. I am more than my crown that sits on my head.

Nikigotagun is a 30 year old writer and poet. She is a creative at heart and writing has always been her weapon of choice to get her point across. Her book, 29 Lessons is scheduled to release Winter 2021.

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