Yeah, I know the title sounds weird, but hear me out. Today, I went to grab breakfast from the convenience mart in my building and I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel. I didn’t feel the need to repeat myself, because I knew that I had confidently orated exactly what I wanted. I picked up a few other items while there some alkaline water and Funyuns for a light snack later. You know, the usual stuff you get from this type of store. 

I went to counter and checked out and then headed back over to where the cook was preparing my food. While watching this culinary extraordinaire I noticed something strange. The sandwich he was cooking was not what I ordered. Given there was another customer there I figure maybe this was for him. However, all signs pointed to the food being created as mine. So, I asked.

“Is that for me?”


“I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I must’ve misheard you.”

Now here I had a decision before me: allow this person to correct their mistake or take what he had to offer.

“Oh no, that’s okay I like steak, egg, and cheese as well. I like them both and since you’ve already made it, I’ll take it.”

“You sure.”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

“I apologize about the mix up”

“That’s okay.”

It was not okay. This was not what I wanted, but I settled because I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Afterwards it was a big deal because I begin to feel a little sad about my sandwich. I had an expectation for something I didn’t receive and I had an opportunity to have it, but out of fear I took something that I didn’t even want to not inconvenience the other person. 

To some, that might not seem like a big deal. Some of you are probably like Bri, just eat the sandwich. But it was bigger than the sandwich. In fact, when I got off the elevator I said to myself you made a choice; now live with the choice you made and don’t ruminate over this all day. Move on. 

It’s amazing what God will use to show us about ourselves. I learned a life lesson from my breakfast order. Now to say that I lack the ability to go after what I want would be a lie, but for some reason this morning I didn’t show up for myself. As a result, I was left disappointed. This disappointment could have changed my whole day, but instead I took ownership over the issue and moved on.

So, what’s the lesson: don’t settle for something you don’t want just to have something. You deserve exactly what you asked for. Owning your decisions and standing in that decision even if it might require a moment of temporary discomfort is important. Compromising for the sake of not being confrontational is why a lot of people are unhappy and stuck. You owe it to yourself to be the best advocate you can be for YOU. Let us all no longer settle for lesser things this year. Get what you want and believe you are worthy of what you specifically asked for. 

Let me also say, owning and accepting what you specifically asked for does not mean that the alternative is less good. Alternates can be of good quality and in my case, taste. But, alternates won’t satisfy the specific craving you have. For example, I still ate the steak, egg, and cheese; but, I knew and my body knew that it wasn’t the bacon I was seeking. Therefore, the original craving went unmet. Let us no longer deprive ourselves  of the things we’re believing God for, I mean of the bacon, egg, and cheeses of the world (lol). Go after it! You deserve it and you’re worthy of receiving it!



  1. What a great blog! As I was reading, I was reflecting on the many times I have settled and accepted what was given to me. I am a work in progress. Thank you for your story.

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  2. Thank you for this, Bri. I feel that this was written specifically for me. What happened to you that morning has happened to me many, many times. The worst part, in my case, is that I always regret and never see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Get to the lesson you wrote would have taken me a million years (it has to do with the way I was raised). Once again, thank you.

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